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Ceramic Coating Installer in Tacoma, WA

Premium Paint Protection + Ultra Shine

Ceramic coatings are the next generation in vehicle surface and paint protection. Not only do they extend the life of your vehicle’s paint, ceramic coatings are hydrophobic, making your car easier to clean because it sheds water more easily and has self-cleaning properties that repel dirt along with water, resulting in a more maintenance-friendly vehicle, all with radiant levels of gloss and shine.

Choose Your Level of Protection

We will get your vehicle’s paint in the best condition possible before applying the ceramic coating with a multi-stage paint correction and enhancement to remove scratches, swirls, water marks and oxidation. Our certified ceramic coating installers pay attention to every detail and are committed to taking the time necessary to correct, enhance and protect your vehicle.

3-Year Coating

  • Onyx Quartz ceramic coating
  • 9H on the hardness scale
  • Lasts 3 year
  • Full exterior detail + decontamination
  • Includes 2-stage paint correction
  • 1-2 day turnaround

Price: $900 – $1,100
Price depends on vehicle size and paint condition.


  • Onyx Quartz Pro ceramic coating
  • 9H on the hardness scale
  • Lasts 5 years
  • Full exterior detail + decontamination
  • Includes multi-stage paint correction, depending on level needed
  • 1-2 day turnaround

Price: $1,150 – $1,400
Price depends on vehicle size and paint condition.

10-Year Coating

  • Onyx Graphene ceramic coating
  • 10H on the hardness scale
  • N1 smoothness level
  • Lasts 10 years
  • Full exterior detail + decontamination
  • Includes multi-stage paint correction, depending on level needed
  • 1-2 day turnaround

Price: $1,900 – $2,300
Price depends on vehicle size and paint condition.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

What Can You Coat?

We only use professional-grade products from the Onyx Coating family of products, the highest quality in vehicle surface and paint protection

Onyx Coating delivers the very latest in ceramic coating technology and is the first N1 Nano Coating in the world. Their highly-advanced coatings bond with your car’s paint, creating a super durable coating with protection that will last for years against UV, dust, acid rain, minor scratches, salt and more, while providing a high-gloss finish.

The Straight Line Difference

The key to achieving the mirror finish that comes from ceramic coating is to first buff and polish your car’s paint. Whether your vehicle is brand new or many years old, any imperfections in the paint will be exaggerated once a ceramic coating is applied. That’s why it’s critical to correct the finish of your car’s paint as the first step of any ceramic coating application.

Our paint correction process can involve light sanding and always involves decontamination, buffing and polishing to remove swirls, light surface scratches, water spots, and other imperfections. Our certified ceramic coating installer has 20+ years experience in the auto body industry, specializing in paint correction. To give you an accurate cost estimate, we will inspect the condition of your vehicle’s paint first. The end result will be a mirror finish shine on your car that provides the ultimate in paint protection.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Scratch Resistant
Mirror Finish
Ultra Durable
Hydrophobic Water Repelling
Protects From UV Rays
No More Waxing
Anti-Acid, Anti-Static, Anti-Salt, Anti-Corrosion


Frequently Asked Questions

Ceramic coatings are made of nanoceramic particles, which are ultra-fine particles that form a bond with your car’s paint. The ceramic nanoparticle is so small it basically has no flaws, giving cars a mirror finish with a radiant gloss that reaches 9H-10H on the hardness scale, offering the ultimate durability in paint and vehicle surface protection.

Ceramic coatings are designed to defend the painted surface against contaminants and prevent them from bonding to the surface by making the surface very hydrophobic, which means it repels water and dirt. Additionally, they create a very hard shield to protect against minor scuffs and abrasions and are extremely durable in terms of protection.

We use the Onyx Coating line of products. We offer the 1o-year Onyx Graphene, the 5-year Onyx Quartz Pro, and the 3-Year Onyx Quartz coatings.

Onyx Ceramic Coatings offer the world’s first ultra-smooth N1 Nano Coatings. Their line of products use graphene nanotechnology to offer cars the best protection possible. For many years, paint jobs were one of the biggest problems for automotive enthusiasts. Without proper protection, the paint would get damaged by mud, dirt, sun exposure, and a litany of other things. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology of graphene infusion, this problem has been solved. By creating a solution that hardens into graphene sheets, cars have never been better protected.

Not entirely. The 9h hardness of our Jade Quartz premium coating, will make your vehicle much more resistant to minor scratches and abrasions. This does not mean it’s completely scratch proof. The Ceramic Coating acts as a sacrificial layer, protecting your vehicle’s paint from those scratches, however. And removing a scratch from the coating is much easier than removing one from paint.

No, you should allow the paint to fully cure for at least one month to allow all solvents to escape the paint.

Yes, this will increase the longevity of the protective film and help prevent it from discoloring.

Ceramic coatings cannot be chemically stripped and require mechanical abrasion such as compounding to be removed.

Onyx ceramic coatings will never delaminate, crack, flake, peel or change color during the lifetime of the coating.

Yes, however waxes and sealants won’t have their typical levels of durability. A ceramic coating will try to shed the waxes and sealants instead of letting them bond. Never apply ceramic coating over the top of a previous wax or sealant, ensure that the ceramic coating is applied directly to the prepared substrate or clearcoat.

It is recommended not to clay a surface that has a ceramic coating applied as it may affect the coating’s durability.

Over time, like typical topcoat, contaminants and pollutants will find a way to bind to the ceramic coating and will begin to affect the hydrophobic effect that is a hallmark of a ceramic coating.

We recommend coming in for quarterly maintenance washes where we will do a detox wash and refresh on your vehicle to help remove the contaminants, apply a refresh spray to return the coating back to its original, hydrophobic state, and help extend the life of your coating.


Go ahead and baby your car! Our premium detailing services are designed to correct, protect and enhance the condition of your vehicle.

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