Ceramic Car Coatings - Straight Line Detailing, Tacoma, WA

1-Year Ceramic Coating

Now included with all Exterior Paint Correction services

This entry-level coating will give your car a full year of ceramic protection from minor scratches and abrasions, water spots, contaminants and UV fading. Plus, it’s hydrophobic so it repels water and dirt, making your car a self-cleaning machine! We use Onyx Graphene Spray, which has a hardness factor of 9H, giving your car a durable, protective coating.

Restore Your Car’s Paint

Quality paint correction requires a high level of skill and experience. Paint correction, when done by an expert, involves multiple stages of buffing and polishing to enhance and improve the appearance of your vehicle’s paint.

Light scratches
Swirl marks
Water spots
Chemical etching

Premium Detail + Paint Correction

  • WASH – hand wash & dry
  • BUGS & TAR – speciality enzyme treatment to remove bugs & tar
  • DECONTAMINATION – clay bar or nano-skin treatment, plus iron decontamination on painted surfaces
  • PAINT CORRECTION – 2-stage buff & polish to remove surface scratches, water marks & oxidation to restore paint condition & shine
  • TRIM – gloss exterior trim & moldings
  • WHEELS & WHEEL WELLS – degrease, clean & dress tires and wheels, clean & dress wheel wells
  • 1-YEAR CERAMIC COATING – 12-month nanoceramic, hydrophobic coating for a full year of paint protection with this hard 7H, durable coating

Exterior Upgrades

  • UPGRADE TO A 3, 5 or 10-YEAR CERAMIC COATING – ask for a quote
  • WET SANDING – ask for a quote
  • INTERIOR DETAIL – upgrade to our Complete Premium Detail Package

Color Sanding & Buffing

If you have a newer paint job on your vehicle, we can color sand and buff to remove orange peel often left over from the vehicle painting and clear coating process, that wasn’t previously corrected. This process leaves your new paint job looking smooth as glass. You can also add premium protection to lock in your new, perfect paint condition with a ceramic coating.

Paint Correction: Before & After

Before Car Paint Correction - Straight Line Detailing, Tacoma, WAAfter Car Paint Correction - Straight Line Detailing, Tacoma, WA
Before Car Paint Correction - Straight Line Detailing, Tacoma, WAAfter Car Paint Correction - Straight Line Detailing, Tacoma, WA
Ceramic Coating Installer in Tacoma, WA

5-Year Ceramic Coatings

Upgrade to Long-term paint protection

Give your car the highest level of paint protection with a ceramic coating. Ceramic coatings are the next generation in vehicle surface and paint protection. Not only do they give your car a mirror finish and extend the life of your vehicle’s paint, ceramic coatings are also hydrophobic, making your car easier to clean because it sheds water more easily and has self-cleaning properties that repel dirt along with water, making your vehicle much more maintenance friendly.

Detail Add-Ons

These specialty services are great additions to any of our detail packages, and help enhance the final result of your vehicle’s detail service.


Go ahead and baby your car! Our premium detailing services are designed to correct, protect and enhance the condition of your vehicle.

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